Episode 41-52

D&C 111 – Christmas : Show notes/Transcripts located below Episode Videos

december 20 – december 26  | Episode 52


The Matchless Gift of God’s Divine Son

Part I

Merry Christmas! Dr. Brad Wilcox discusses “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles,” which proclaims that Jesus is alive, resurrected, and the document was presented in the year 2000 as a sacred testimony of the literal Son of God.

Part II

Dr. Brad Wilcox returns for Part II. He shares being called to the Young Men’s General Presidency and his personal experience and testimony of apostles and prophets. He also affirms that the resurrected Christ is Always With Us.

december 13 – december 19  | Episode 51

The Family: A Proclamation to the world

“the family is central to the creator’s plan”

Part I

Our attitude toward, “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” is a test for this generation. Dr. Jenet Erickson joins us to discuss gender, the importance of Christlike characteristics, and the importance of familial ideals, and how we often don’t meet them yet, the Atonement covers all of our Heavenly Parents’ children. We discuss how we all belong to the eternal family of God.

Part II

Dr. Jenet Erickson returns to examine “The Family: A Proclamation to the World ” and how social science, psychology, and spirituality intersect in this aspirational and inspirational document that galvanizes Saints to become better stewards in their families, wards, neighborhoods, and communities.

december 6 – december 12  | Episode 50

The Articles of Faith & Official Declarations 1 & 2

“We Believe”

Part I

Could you list some fundamental truths of what you believe in 13 short statements? Join Brother Ahmed Corbitt as he discusses the Articles of Faith, their clarifying statements of what Latter-day Saints believe, and their relevance to us today.

Part II

Brother Corbitt returns to discuss Declaration 1 and 2 and his personal reflections as a black convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints–an episode not to be missed!

november 29 – december 5  | Episode 49

Doctrine & Covenants 136-137

“The vision of the redemption of the dead”

Part I

What is the soteriology problem? Dr. Steven Harper returns to discuss Doctrine and Covenants, Section 137, and the centuries-long question of who gets saved by God. We discuss the nature of God, the redemption of the dead,  and the reality that death isn’t a deadline to determine a person’s salvation.

Part II

Dr. Harper returns to discuss Doctrine and Covenants, Section 138, and the historical background regarding Joseph F. Smith’s revelation, 80 years after the revelation in Section 137.  We consider the love the Father and Son have for every person and how mercifully they extend the opportunity for celestial glory.

november 22 – november 28 | Episode 48

Doctrine & Covenants 135-136

HE “Has sealed his mission and his works with his own blood”

Part I : D&C 135

Would you die for your testimony of Savior? Dr. S. Michael Wilcox returns to reflect on the life and  teachings of Joseph as we reflect upon love, purpose, and the eternities. The lessons include how the Lord multiplies sacrifice and abilities to perform miracles as we discuss Joseph and Hyrum’s final lessons as they are killed  at Carthage Jail.

Part II : D&C 135

Dr. S. Michael Wilcox returns to discuss the legacy of Joseph’s life and the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith’s life testifies of a living and active Savior, and we reflect upon the joys that can come from tragedy. What would be your final message?

Part III : D&C 136

President Richard Bennett joins us from Nebraska for a bonus episode to discuss Doctrine and Covenants Section 136, the only canonized revelation of Brigham Young.  As the Saints are expelled from Nauvoo,  they endure tragedy and experience triumph at Winter Quarters, Nebraska.

Part IV : D&C 136

President Bennett returns and teaches that the Restoration and faith had a price that the Saints paid. We consider the covenants the Saints made and the sacrifice as they leave America and seek Zion. President Bennett shares the history of the Pioneers as he serves as Site Director and Mission President of the Mormon Trail Center in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

november 15 – november 21 | Episode 47

Doctrine & Covenants 133-134

“Prepare ye for the coming of the bridegroom”

Part I

Have you ever read the Appendix to the Doctrine and Covenants? Just as Section 1 is sometimes called the Preface, Section 133 is often called the Appendix. Dr. Derek Sainsbury relates how these two sections were given two days apart, and Section 133 is the Lord’s generous answer to questions about missionary work and what the Lord desired for the Saints. We discuss the differences between Zion and Babylon and then the Second Coming.

Part II

Dr. Sainsbury continues and discusses how many Second Comings are indicated in Doctrine and Covenants 133, the importance of temples, and the uniting of people from every nation, religion, and people in the cause of Jesus Christ. We discuss the role of governments, slavery in the United States,  and the Saints’ continuing responsibility to serve civically.


Dr. Sainsbury continues with a special Bonus Episode about the Saints’ attempts to redress the wrongs at Haun’s Mill and Missouri and  Joseph Smith’s presidential campaign. Also, we discuss the events that lead to Joseph and Hyrum’s imprisonment at Carthage Jail and the resulting assassination of the first US Presidential candidate.

november 8 – november 14 | Episode 46

Doctrine & Covenants 129-132


Part I

Is plural marriage a requirement in the Celestial Kingdom? As Joseph has a few moments of respite in Nauvoo, he has more time for theological reflection and as these sections reflect. Dr. Kate Holbrook shares her research regarding marriage.

Part II

Dr. Holbrook continues to discuss marriage, plural marriage carefully and corrects some misconceptions, errors, and missteps in teaching about the early Saints’ practice of plural marriage.

november 1 – november 7 | Episode 45

Doctrine & Covenants 125-128

“A Voice of Gladness for the Living and the Dead

Part I

Do you know Mary Ann Angell Young, Eliza R. Snow, Sarah Cleveland, Elizabeth Haven, Vienna Jacques, and Jane Neyman? They are some of the lesser-known heroes of the Restoration, and Dr. Jennifer Reeder joins Hank and John to share their stories, including their escape to Quincy, their building of Nauvoo, and the first baptisms for the dead.

Part II

Dr. Reeder returns to discuss the first baptisms for the dead, including Emma Smith being baptized for her father, Isaac Hale, and the joy the Saints experienced knowing their family members were saved. They discuss how the salvation of our ancestors is essential to our salvation, and why temple work is essential to God’s plan for His children.

October 25 – October 31 | Episode 44

Doctrine & Covenants 124

“A House Unto My Name”

Part I

If temple work is the soul of the Restoration, the Nauvoo Temple may be its heart. Dr. Susan Easton Black returns to share her love of the city of Nauvoo as well as the joy the Saints felt to not only have a temple but have a gathering place for the Saints and world visitors in order to not only redeem the dead but to share the gospel with the entire world.

Part II

Dr. Susan Easton Black continues to share how the divinely developed temple ordinances are shared with the Lord’s people in Nauvoo, even how people sang as the temple stones were driven through town. We can rejoice with the early Saints as they build Nauvoo, and establish temple worship that endures today.

October 18 – October 24 | Episode 43

Doctrine & Covenants 121-123

“O God, Where Art Thou?”

Part I

Joseph’s months in Liberty Jail were some of the most difficult yet provided the most sublime, oft-quoted, and transcendent sections of the Doctrine and Covenants. Dr. Alexander Baugh returns to share the background to these sections and the historical context to Joseph’s incarceration, the Battle of Crooked River, and Haun’s Mill  in Part 1 of this special three-part episode.

Part II

In Part II, Dr. Alex Baugh returns to discuss how the events at Haun’s Mill influence the incarceration at Liberty Jail, the conditions at Liberty Jail, and the difference between enduring and enduring well. Dr. Baugh relates how good and loyal friends are a blessing in times of trial and difficulty.

Part III

In part 3, Dr. Baugh shares the beauty and power contained in the revelations from Liberty Jail. The crucible of difficulty purifies Joseph and enables him to become a more powerful, charitable, and Christlike man. Liberty Jail transformed Joseph, and the revelations have the power to transform the Saints as well.

October 11 – October 17 | Episode 42

Doctrine & Covenants 115-120

“His Sacrifice Shall Be More Sacred Unto Me Than His Increase”

Part I

Does the Lord care about the name of His Church? Join Dr. Franz Belot as we discuss the importance of names, the command to build a temple in Far West, Missouri, and how gathering strengthens the Saints. Like today, we wonder if the Church is getting stronger or weaker, and the Lord reminds us that we will “rise again.” 

Part II

How is paying tithing like the movie Frozen? In Part II, we learn how tithing and sacrifice allow us to “let go” of the less important matters and also, how there are no small acts in the kingdom. The Lord magnifies our efforts to enact miracles.

October 4 – October 10 | Episode 41

Doctrine & Covenants 111-114

“I Will Order All Things For Your Good”

Part I

After the spiritual highs of the Kirtland Temple dedication, the Saints struggle with a financial downturn, the failure of the Kirtland Safety Society, and apostasy.  Elizabeth Kuehn  joins the podcast and relates where the Lord finds the Saints find “unexpected” treasure in Massachusetts and how the Saints battle tribulations and divisions that threaten them.


Part II

Elizabeth Kuehn continues to expound on the difficulties with the Kirtland Safety Society, the Kirtland Apostasy, and the power of the Lord’s reassurances in a time of contention, conflict, and confusion. The early Saints learn how to organize a worldwide church, manage finances, and battle discouragement and disunity.